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Really want to post my Liam birthday pictures because it’s already his birthday in a lot of places. But it’s not where I live?????

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i never want to get married and have kids i want to be 40 and a highly successful director and show up to my high school reunion dressed entirely in yves saint laurent with blood red lipstick and louboutin heels that could penetrate a man’s soft flesh in the current year’s bmw convertible and wear chanel sunglasses the entire time even while indoors so i don’t have to hold eye contact with the little people

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I did this thing for a German magazine and I had a really bad hangover and I was at the Landmark Hotel on Euston Road in London. I’d had a really odd day - it was a day of press and I had really smelly feet, and I’d just taken my shoes off and the room was really smelly. And David Bowie walked through the door with Brian Eno and there was this terrible smell! And I’d never met him before - and I couldn’t cope with the fact that David Bowie had walked through the door and I’d taken my shoes off and it stank. So the first thing I said was: ‘Uh, really sorry about the smell, but I haven’t put any odour eaters in and I’ve got really bad, smelly feet.’ And he must have thought ‘Who the fuck is this?’
Anyway, it didn’t last very long and he left very quickly. But then I had this German photographer waiting to do pictures, and because my hangover was so bad and I was dwelling on the fact that I’d made such an idiot of myself in front of David Bowie, I needed a relief. I said, ‘I’m gonna go and have a shower’, and he said, ‘Khan I take a voto ov you in the shower?’ And I said ‘Yeah’. And I let him take photos of me having a shower and soaping up me dick. He hasn’t printed them yet…

Damon Albarn

Blah Blah Blah, 1996.

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